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JUNE 2007: It is no longer possible to register this game. Please check our Warpath 21st Century, instead.

Warpath 97 is a real-time multi-player game where you race to explore, mine, colonize, develop, and conquer the universe. Although designed primarily as a multi-player game, it can also be played solo with robot friends and enemies. These robots can also take sides in a multiplayer game.

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  Trust me, the game is a lot more interesting than this screenshot might imply.

(Warpath 97 is an enhanced, 32 bit, version of Warpath, for use with Microsoft Windows 95.)

First, the New News:

I took the MIX public server code I developed for Well of Souls and crammed it into an experimental copy of Warpath 97. This hasn't gotten much testing, so treat it as an experiment (and that's why I will keep version 1.03 on the site).

In case the preceding paragraph made no sense, all I mean is that you will see another multiplayer option called "Any Public MIX Server" which will show you a list of servers (if any) where you can play. If you have also installed the MIX Game Server on your PC, you will be able to launch additional servers as you like.

Since Warpath97 is not really a drop-in game, anyone who joins the server after the game starts will be more or less a spectator until the game finishes (at which time they could click in for the next game on the same server)

And if that is not enough inducement to try Warpath:21st Century, let me mention that it also has no shareware trial period timeout. Play it as long as you like, with no lockout!

Now, the Good News:

Warpath 97 includes the following enhancements over Warpath Classic:

  • Enhanced network layer supporting even more ways to play (modem, IPX LAN, TCP/IP, telnet, and null-modem)
  • Up to 8 players (mixed Human and AI) Bots can be with you or against you.
  • Larger Galaxy, more planets
  • More Empires
  • More Weapons and stuff
  • Ability to outfit ships differently (Space Teamster strike is over!)
  • Resizable sector screen makes better use of large displays
  • Smarter AI with more Difficulty levels (not just 'easy' and 'hard')
  • Activation Code registration (no more floppies!)
  • No more popup dialog boxes! (radio is built-in, with splitter bar)

And much, much more! In fact, we just got our first review (5 stars, count 'em) which you are invited to read:

Download the Goods:

Here is what you need to get started:

Download the self-extracting archive (version 1.03) of Warpath 97 (800K)

After downloading the self-extracting archive file, you will be able to play Warpath 97 for free for 20 hours. After that time it will get all stuffy and refuse to play further until you have purchased an activation code. But by then you will either love it or hate it, so what more could you ask for?

Registering Your Copy On-Line with a Credit Card

Life goes on, things change and evolve, third-party online credit card taking services change their policies in ways which make them no longer available....

As a result, it is currently impossible to register your copy of Warpath 97. Clearly, an unacceptable situation which I will have to deal with posthaste. It is June 2006 as I write this. Make fun of me until I deal with it. But not today. Today, I have a bad cold. Thanks!

System Requirements

Warpath 97 plays best on a Pentium 90 or better (and that is an honest appraisal, not one of those 'works great on a 286!' promises you see on the game boxes). I've played it on a 486/66 and the frame rate is OK, but not smooth.

But it requires Windows 95 (or later) which pretty much rules out a 486 computer anyway. If you want to play over the internet, you will also need an Internet Service Provider (but hey, if you're reading this WEB PAGE, then I guess you have that covered).

A Small Warning

The game requires a unique activation code for each computer. If you were to say, accidentally, enter the same activation code into two computers, they would not be able to play together in the same game.

Not that you were thinking of doing that or anything, but I just thought I should mention it.

cheat codes

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Just let me know if you would like to be linked in here. I am honored by your endeavors!

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Do You Want To Be A Beta Tester?

Well, sorry, but you are TOO LATE! This product has been RELEASED!

Actually, what WAS the beta test program is now the on-going product enhancement program. So keep those feedback reports coming in!

I will post version updates to this site when available. Any feedback at all for solo or multiplayer modes of operation is appreciated. Your personal activation codes will continue to work with all new versions.

Please accept my gratitude in advance!

Interested in what happened during the beta test?

Review the Beta Test Notes

I will also stick new versions in that area before releasing them to the world, so you might want to drop in from time to time.

Once more, THANK YOU for your interest, time, support, and all the help I got from the beta testers!


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