Warpath 97 Cheat Codes

You asked for it, you got it!

When you start up a Warpath 97 game, you notice that one of the options is "allow cheat codes." Here is a list of the available cheat codes. A little hacking of the program will let you know there are others, but trust me that they are arcane diagnostics of no value during the game.

Bear in mind, however, that these cheat codes work only if the mission settings enabled them, and users of cheat codes (at least of the really CHEATY ones) are reported to the other players.

To use a cheat code, just type it into the radio on a line by itself, beginning with a forward slash. Don't try to cheat until after you have launched into the game (i.e. cheat codes on the mission settings screen won't work... hey they might even crash you for all I know)

Cheat Codes

Cheat Code Effect on Game
/cheater This was a holdover from the original Warpath, it probes the other players and tells you how many ships they have remaining. A suspiciously large number of ships implied they were cheating.
/tekreport Generates a nice report and opens it, describing exactly which store items are available at each tek level, and interesting data about each item. The report itself is left behind in the warpath directory.
/init Certain cheat codes disable certain features. this turns those all back on.
/funpak Opens the terribly mis-named FunPak which might give you some insights into the internals of multiplayer gaming. or not.
/scope Opens the marginally more useful Uncle Dan o' Scope which tracks packets sent between players. Also possibly illuminating, but not a cheat per se
/hint N displays tutorial hint 'N' (n is a number). Maybe there is an easter egg in here! (no, there isn't, don't waste your time trying all integers from 1 to a hundred)
/purge Um, this is really important, but I forget what it does already. Oh Yeah, I have some performance-metering stuff which measures how many milliseconds are spent doing each little fiddly bit, and the averages, and the worst case, etc. This resets all those counters. I only do this in debug builds though, so you probably don't care.
/money Here's a good one. Want a million bucks? It's yours! Want two million? Type it twice!
/trace Become an Artificial Intelligence Expert! If you turn this on (and lots of these codes TOGGLE things on and off, so keep track of how many times you type them).. anyway, if you change your point of view to a BOT, you will get additional radio messages describing that bot's AI thought processes. In my own little code, of course.
/label Label all the planets and ships, even when your mouse isn't pointing at them
/love Make all the planets love you (love green actually). It's a showstopper
/hate Make all the planets hate you (hate green) Another showstopper
/fps toggle the frame per second HUD thingy
/blit don't blit the offscreen bitmap to the screen. Screen goes black. Whoopee. Play blind!
/ai toggle the AI on and off. Off means Bots stop thinking and drift
/consume toggle the main universe evolution code on and off. No more population growth etc.
/meters Stop updating your meters.. now how many pods did I have?
/stars toggle the background stars on and off. shame on you, I like those stars!
/f Refill all your consumables. very very useful
/items max out on all possible items (they will be hanging in space dock and you will need to install them) Also shows the items which didn't quite make it into the game! Tractor Beam!
/fill My Favorite. Fills the screen with purple. Things repaint as needed. This was to test to make sure I was only painting things when necessary (I optimize at every opportunity). Note that I paint the energy barriers in the galaxy map way too frequently. (I am lazy at every opportunity) but other than that I do a fine job.
/map tag every planet as having been visited (they all show up in your planetary guide, for instance)

And now you know the REST of the cheat codes...

Play nice!