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Warpath is a game for one to four players. You interact in real-time as you rush to conquer the known universe. To achieve your goal, you must convince the planets of the galaxy to follow your "path". You accomplish this basically by buying love, and blasting those who refuse to love you. It's an action game, it's a strategy game, it's a multiplayer chat environment! It's the game which knows no categories!


Download the fully registered version for FREE. If you see any requests to register the program, just ignore them. After 5 years of shareware registrations, I feel it is time to let Warpath Classic fly free.

Which isn't to say I will turn off the registration spigot, so feel free to send me money, but it would just be a voluntary donation and you would not get anything in return.

For historical continuity, I will also leave the original shareware version available for download.

And my apologies for any contradictory remarks you will find here, in the program's help file, and on the registration site. I will propagate the message of freeness as best I can.

Thank you for five years of support of Warpath Classic, and I look forward to continuing our relationship with the newer games, including Warpath 21st Century

Warpath Features Include:

  • Solo Play, or Multiplayer via modem or IPX LAN
  • Up to 4 players in multiplayer mode
  • Up to 3 robot opponents in solo mode
  • Real-time exploration of galaxy, and inter-ship battles
  • Resource Management, Planetary Investment
  • Multiple weapons and ship extensions
  • Inter-player (and robot) chat
  • Many information displays, and nifty popup windows
  • Online Help file, and tutorial hint mode
  • Re-sizable windows display

Download the Shareware Version of Warpath 1.0 and start playing!

Download the Warpath Help File to read all about it. But you know what? This file is about half the size of the full program suite, which includes this file. So, download this if you must, and know something you will, but for only a few more moments on your modem, you could get everything.

Note: this help file format is no longer supported by Microsoft Windows (as of the release of 'Vista')

Unsolicited Testimonials:

Here's what some people have said while registering their copies of Warpath:

  • "WARPATH is the greatest!" - Vandenburg AFB, CA
  • "I think you are a programming genius which the world should be more grateful for" - Melton, Victoria, Australia
  • "...of the 2000 shareware games on the CD that I bought, yours is by far the best" - Charlotte, NC
  • "It's a wonderful game, I'm just crazy about it!" - Martinique, F.W.i.
  • "I jumped a hole in the air with happiness [when the registered copy of Warpath arrived]" - Belgium

I didn't get permission to put these quotes here, which is why I didn't put down the names, but I hope the authors won't get mad at me for using them for cheap commercial purposes. I get a special thrill from international registrations, and there's nothing like finding your program on a Japanese CDROM to give you that feeling of success. I'd like to especially thank Magicom Multimedia for always sending me a copy of their CDROMs with Warpath on them. I wish all publishers were that gracious.

In case you are wondering, the most Warpath registrations come from USA, Germany, Australia, and Canada (in that order), with almost as many German registrations as USA (go figger).

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