"Every dollar you donate keeps synthetic-reality on line for another 1/10th of a day!"
I apologize for begging, but if I don't ask then how will you know?

Synthetic-reality.com incurs certain monthly costs which, considering the games are generally free, creates a potentially negative cash flow (note to myself: that's a bad thing). I therefore accept voluntary donations from those who can afford them (and who are inclined to make them). But don't get me wrong, I would love to turn a tidy profit -- or even a slightly messy one. You could make my dreams come true!

You now have TWO ways to help me out:

Click here to read more about Golden Souls -- and to see how to get one for yourself!

Be the envy of fellow players!  Click here to get a name as golden as your heart!

1. You can Buy a Golden Soul for $25 and lord your generosity over fellow players. You will receive an activation code (via email) that makes your name in the player list appear in gold, as well as enabling minor features.

You may make your donation via PayPal, Google, or eMetrix.

Note: Your Golden Soul can be used in both Well of Souls, and Arcadia! What a value! (it also works in Rocket Club, but that is an unfinished game)!

2. Or you can Visit a Company Store, and get some cool Synthetic Reality merchandise in the mail.

Look at all the merchandise, and there's even MORE than what's shown here.  Synthetic Reality keeps between $2 and $10 of your purchase, the rest goes to the price of the merchandise itself.

Visit one of these Synthetic Reality Company Stores!

Click here to buy Warpath stuff!   Click here to buy Well of Souls stuff!   Purchase fine Arcadian memorabilia
Buy Warpath Stuff   Buy WoS Stuff   Buy Arcadia Stuff
A Voluntary Donation is your way of giving me some money, for no particular reason other than you would like me to have it. Maybe it's because you want me to be able to keep doing this sort of thing. Perhaps it's to help underwrite server costs, or maybe you've enjoyed one or more of the games.

Maybe it just makes you feel good! For whatever reason, I thank you.

But please do NOT donate if you feel like the game has locked you out and is demanding a donation to continue (well, ok, Warpath does that, but the other games do not).

The error message which you think is telling you your time has expired is probably not saying that at all. Please re-read it now. It's probably telling you that your computer is set to the wrong date, or you need to upgrade to a newer version of the game.

Unless you got yourself banished somehow. But then you shouldn't donate either :-)

Thanks again!

- Dan

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