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What's a Park?

Arcadian Parks are the 2.5D environments where Arcadians can meet, chat, and play non-competitive sports.

Parks are separate from toys, and offer you a pleasant place to chat while waiting for your next move in the toy.

Tool bar buttons let you flip back and forth between the toy and the park.

While in the park, you are represented by your face (which you can select, make your own, and automatically share with other players). Toolbar buttons let you pick one of eight emotions for your face at any time.

Parks may include wildlife (like ducks) with which you can interact.

Arcadian Sports

Sports are gentle, non-violent, park activities, and fun for kids. You will see a little control panel which lets you pick your current sport, and your team color.

Sport Description
Tag One person is "IT" and if they get close to you, then YOU become IT. So run!
Splatball It's a free-for-all to splat the other players with gobs of paint!
Feed The Ducks Pick a food color and then click on the ground to feed the animals!

In general, you will see a colored shadow beneath the face of anyone who is playing the same sport as you.

Available Parks

Someday there might be a long list of available parks here. Parks are organized by their authors into "packages" (each package has one or more parks in it). A package is just a ZIP file containing all the files those parks depend on.

Package URL Parks In Package Park Designer
Cam's Parks Lakeside Resort (shown above) Cameron Pryor
Leniad Parks The Three Islands Pablo "Leniad" Daniel
camTest Lakeside Resort (kludge version) Cameron Pryor
Haakon Heck (real name 'Hell') Haakon Jenset

If you make a park or two yourself, put the package on your web site and let me know the URL. I will link to the package, and to your site.

How To Install New Parks:
  1. Download the park's package ZIP FILE.
  2. Run Arcadia, and log on.
  3. Open the Arcadia Preferences Dialog.
  4. Push the "Import Park From ZIP File" button
  5. Point the file browser at the zip file you just downloaded.
  6. The new park(s) should then show up in the drop down combo box
  7. Just pick the park you want from that combo box

How To Publish Parks of Your Own:

  1. Look in the readme.txt file in the Arcadia\Parks folder for help.
  2. Get depressed since so little help is available :-)
  3. By hook or by crook, make your park.
  4. While playing in your new park, type "/publish"
  5. Follow Instructions.
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