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What's a Guild?

As you get to know other players, you might find that you want to form a guild. A guild is simply a community of players who share a common vision as to how to behave.

How Do I Create a New Guild?

From inside the game:

1. Incarnate into the character you want to be the founder of the guild.
2. Select "Create Guild" from the GUILDS menu.

You will then be asked to provide the uniform and password for your guild.

The uniform must be unique (no two guilds can have the same uniform) and should be 3 to 5 characters long for best effect (e.g. "WoS" or "SWorD" or whatever you like). Usually it is an acronym for the long name of the guild (e.g. "Wet onion Soup" or "Since We often read Diaries"). You can change the long name of your guild later, but the uniform can not be modified once you define it.

You will need to remember the password in order to make changes to your guild, approve new members, etc. So do NOT forget your guild's password! And don't tell it to anyone untrustworthy, either.

In order to encourage more responsible play, there are some limitations on guild creation, which include:

Before You Can Create a New Guild...
  • You must have played the game over 100 hours.

  • The character which will found the guild must also be over 100 hours old. (Golden Souls exempted from this rule.)

  • The character which founds the guild must be at least level 60.

  • The character which founds the guild cannot be a cheat or modder character.

  • You may not be able to start a second guild so long as you remain the founder of a previous guild.

You'll probably want to host a web page for your guild describing its goals, rules, and how people can join. Be sure to include the email address of your Guildmeister. You can set the URL of this guild home page into your guild's info page. There are other things you can define about your guild on its info page in the New Guild Hall, but you should look there for an explanation.

Here's a little tip: Don't create a guild unless you have time to wear its uniform right away. Guilds get deleted almost immediately if their guildmeister has not bothered to wear the uniform for at least a half an hour.

How Do I Join Someone Else's Guild?

As you play the game, you will run into other players who already belong to guilds. They will have their guild uniform next to their name in the MAP list. (Remember, although I call it a "uniform" since it sounds cool and is the correct metaphor, really it is just an acronym like "WoS", "CoS", "LoH", etc.)

If you right-click on a player who is wearing a uniform, you will have the option to "petition" to join their guild. This will add your name to a list of petitioners. Eventually the guildmeister will evaluate your petition and give you a real rank (or reject you, but don't take it personally. Most guildmeisters want a small guild)

Once you have been given a rank, then your character will be able to put on the guild uniform by "Selecting Uniform" from the GUILDS menu in the game.

Each of your characters can belong to as many guilds as you like, so long as you get approved by the appropriate guildmeister. But each of your characters is an individual. Many guilds only allow you to sign up ONE of your characters at a time as a member. So you might want to choose the most appropriate of your characters to petition a particular guild.

Try to avoid the temptation to have every single one of your characters petition every single one of the guilds.

How Do I Accept a Petitioner Into My Guild?

As the guildmeister of your guild, you should frequently check your guild's status. You can do this by going to the New Guild Hall from the web or from within the game itself (right-click on yourself while wearing the uniform of you guild and you'll see an option "Read about Guild" which will take you straight there).

You'll see that there are several lists associated with your guild: Members, Petitioners, Inactive Members, and Rejects.

Look through the Petitioners list and see if you have an opinion about them. Do you want cheaters or modders in your guild? Do you have a minimum age or level requirement? Are you only interested in certain character classes?

Once you make your mind up, click on the petitioner's name to edit their record. Basically all you need do is to change their 'rank' from "Petitioner" to something else. For example, if you set their rank to "Novice Fishmonger" they will then appear on the regular member list as a full member.

You can set the rank to anything you feel is appropriate for your guild (though your Terms of Service agreement with WoS Central says not to use profane, racist, or other obviously improper terms). There are two 'reserved' titles, however, with special meanings: "Petitioner" (yes, you could put them BACK on the petitioner list!) and "Reject" which puts them on the reject list.

For now, "Petitioner" and "Reject" must be capitalized to have the proper effect.

How Do I Quit a Guild?

Just open the SELECT UNIFORM option in the GUILDS menu, pick the uniform of the guild you want to quit, and press the QUIT GUILD button.

It is much easier to quit a guild than it is to join one! And no one can force you to join any guild you haven't petitioned.

Guild membership is completely optional.

By the way, the QUIT command can also be used to terminate a pending petition, if you change your mind before the guildmeister has gotten around to giving you a real rank.

What Was That About Uniforms Again?

Although your character may belong to several guilds, it can only wear one guild uniform at a time. So use the SELECT UNIFORM command in the GUILDS menu to pick the uniform of the guild you want to fight for today. (It will remember your last uniform selection forever)

In fact, when you wear a guild's uniform, you keep that guild "active" (and your own membership, as well). If 30 days go by without your playing at least 20 minutes (all at once) for a guild, you become an inactive member of that guild.

You can become active again just by playing at least 20 minutes, but the guildmeister might kick you out of the guild if you are too idle.

If all the members of a guild are inactive, then the guild itself becomes inactive (until at least one member becomes active again). Inactive guilds also run the risk of getting deleted.

Guild Guidelines
  • Please don't use offensive language or imagery in your guild uniform, name, ranks, logo, credo, etc.

I reserve the right to, without warning, permanently remove all guild privileges from any player who shows poor judgement in this regard.

  • Likewise, try not to be offended by language or imagery you see, so long as it is reasonable within the context of a fantasy RPG.
  • Guilds already in existence will have priority if any conflict appears between uniforms. Uniforms too similar too existing guilds ("~WoS~" for example) may result in your guild being deleted without warning.
  • Guilds (and Guild Members) will be tagged 'inactive' after some period (currently 30 days) and risk being deleted if idle much longer than that. To stay active, you must play the game while wearing the guild's uniform for at least 20 minutes (all in one session). Guilds with very few members (less than five) will expire more quickly.
  • Please respect the determination of the guildmeister should your petition be turned down.
  • Please do not use popup message boxes or advertising in any form on your Guild Page. It may cause your guild to be deleted without warning.
  • Please don't make a guild just to be obnoxious to another player, as in: "We Hate Termi".
  • Build your guild on a foundation of respect. This is your chance to establish a name for yourself. Make it something you'll be proud of.

Guild Page Image Copyright Policies

I shouldn't have to say this, but I suppose it's best if I do. As we all know, the Internet is filled with lovely pictures. You might think "Gee, that lovely picture would look GREAT as a background on my guild page!"

And it probably would.

But, if the picture doesn't BELONG to you, and if you don't have PERMISSION to use it... then it is at the very least RUDE of you to link to it, and depending on who you ask, it might even be a legal violation.

Now, say you find some cool site, like where a talented and creative artist has both created fabulous images *and* made them available for re-use with minor emcumbrances (please see his site for details).

Anyway, if you DO find an image you like, and you DO get permission to use it, then MAKE A COPY OF IT AND PUT IT ON YOUR OWN WEB SITE. Don't just link to the artist's web site (unless that's what they want, and they probably don't) You're just adding injury to insult when you 'borrow' an image without permission AND then burden the artist's server with extra download bandwidth.

If you want to use the artist's URL, use it where it will do them some good, in a 'thank you' and credit-given link, so they can get the praise they deserve. That's just being polite.

I must admit that I never intended the guild pages to turn into the mini-web-sites that they have. I thought people would just put in text, their logo, and a link to their guild's real web site. Imagine my surprise! Anyway, it's a pleasant surprise until I get complaints from copyright holders, complaining about copyright violations. So, please don't be part of the problem.

Obviously, I reserve the right to delete your guild and permanently suspend your guild privileges if I feel I need to. (But, of course, I can't guarantee to detect all violations either, since I don't know if you got permission or not.) So for now, it will just have to be handled on a per-complaint issue.


Can I Embed A Member List in My Own Web Page?

Let's see, shall we? Say you have your own Guild Home Page which is all pretty and yet you would like to access the guild membership functions right from your very own page. In theory this is possible, and in the long run it will definitely be possible. But let's see if it works RIGHT NOW!

In general, I think you'll want to use a table to define the actual place on your page where you want the member list to appear. Perhaps you prefer to use frames. Whatever you choose, stick this code into the HTML at that location:

<SCRIPT language='javascript'

Where you substitute the number of the guild you want just after the "member/" in the URL. (Each guild has an ID number which appears when you look at it's information page.)

So, here is an embedded membership list for Guild "WoS" (guild #1). I am putting it inside of a simple table:

<Guild "WoS" Member list embedded *below* this>
<Guild "WoS" Member list embedded *above* this>

Did it work for you? If so, then it should work on your guild's web page as well.

Integrated Guild Membership is provided as a service by Synthetic Reality to the guilds involved. Synthetic Reality takes no responsibility for content. Please report broken links to the respective guilds.
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