Well of Souls
(c) 1998 - 2014 Synthetic Reality Co.

You have found the Well of Souls demo page. Well of Souls is a script-driven, multi-player Role Playing Game (RPG). The idea is to make the design open enough that you can generate your own worlds and quests, share them with friends, etc.

This is a work in progress, but I am into long test periods, so it is now in "Open Alpha" test.

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None of the actual screen layout or artwork is final. It's just an example of the sort of thing you can do in this program. Most big art is JPEG and can look as pretty as you can draw it.

Most of the maps and scene backgrounds are JPEG files drawn using Bryce 2, which I love. Duncan2 (Stephan Schonberg) provided many terrific art enhancements, and Josh Worts has contributed almost all the monsters and hero skins which I ship with the game.

I have given up on using JPEGs exclusively however. I am now using RLE bitmaps (coerced to the souls.pal palette file) for most 'transparent' art. The 'jaggies' introduced by JPEG compression losses just got to be too irritating. So, character and monster 'skins', items, equipment, etc are RLE bmp files (and be sure to use the palette in "souls.pal" or it will look VERY odd indeed)

Good luck figuring out the level editor (hint: it only appears in SOLO mode: "Create your own world").


6/8/2008 A96 includes:

5/5/2008 A95 includes:

3/7/2007 A94 includes:

3/4/2007 A93 Includes:

10/23/2006 A92 includes:

2/19/2006 ALPHA 91 INCLUDES:

10/15/2005 ALPHA 90 INCLUDES:

10/08/2005 ALPHA 89 INCLUDES:

9/10/2005 ALPHA 88 INCLUDES:

9/4/2005 ALPHA 87 INCLUDES:

5/14/2005 ALPHA 86 INCLUDES:

4/16/2005 ALPHA 85 INCLUDES:

2/1/2005 ALPHA 84 INCLUDES:

1/22/2005 ALPHA 83 INCLUDES:

12/22/2004 ALPHA 82 INCLUDES:

7/1/2004 ALPHA 81 INCLUDES:

2/11/2004 ALPHA 80 INCLUDES:

1/11/2004 ALPHA 79 INCLUDES:

1/8/2004 ALPHA 78 INCLUDES:

9/1/2003 ALPHA 77 INCLUDES:

6/1/2003 ALPHA 76 INCLUDES:

4/14/2003 ALPHA 75 INCLUDES:

3/16/2003 ALPHA 74 INCLUDES:

1/18/2003 ALPHA 73 INCLUDES:

1/12/2003 ALPHA 72 INCLUDES:

10/27/2002 ALPHA 71 INCLUDES:

10/6/2002 ALPHA 70 INCLUDES:

For somewhat older release notes, click here

For even OLDER RELEASE NOTES, click here.


Anyway, none of this is binding. Please don't develop anything too elaborate with these tools as all is liable to change and then you will be mad at me.


Well of Souls (the RPG) is the copyrighted property of Dan Samuel of Synthetic Reality Co. All rights reserved. Eventually this might be a shareware program which will require a registration fee to be played longer than a certain evaluation period.

People contributing Worlds will probably not see any return on their investment short of their credits (and my gratitude). My intention is for the game to make it easy to share worlds with friends. To the degree this web site can be used to facilitate that, I will make my own best effort. I will try not to exercise any censorship, but I might have to provide some sort of rating system for worlds deemed to contain offensive content.

Let me know what you like, what you hate, what you'd like to see, and any other feedback you might have. I'm not in any rush to finish this. It will be done when it is done, and hopefully the development copies will become more enjoyable throughout the process.

Thanks again!

Dan Samuel