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Synthetic Reality

Trophies are similar enough to Items that it is easy to get them confused. But they are radically different. First of all, Items can actually be things and do things (weapons, potions, etc). Plus it is possible (in theory) for a character to simultaneously own up to 100 of each of the items defined in your world.

Trophies do nothing really but exist as indicators that you did something.. mostly that you killed the kind of monster which drops that trophy. That makes them a bit like tokens, only you can usually sell or give away your trophies.

Trophies do not appear in your item list. Trophies only appear in the character's Trophy Bag (there is a button for this on the ITEMs window). Your trophy bag has a limited number of slots, so you can NOT simultaneously possess all possible trophies in the world. You need to micro-manage the contents of your trophy bag or you risk not being able to acquire a trophy you really need.

Trophies are defined in the TROPHIES table which is probably in your world's trophies.txt file. Please see the evergreen trophies.txt file for the description of that table. But for each trophy can can define:

  • its unique trophy ID
  • its name
  • a small image (which appears in the trophy bag)
  • how many can fit in a single slot (the 'stack' size)
  • how much you can sell a full stack for
  • which monsters 'drop' this trophy when killed (and with what probability)
  • whether the trophy requires a token before it will be dropped
  • whether the trophy must be part of an accepted MISSION before it will be dropped.
The Trophy Bag

Using the Trophy Cookies, your script can give, take, open, close, and investigate the contents of a player's trophy bag. Currently there is only a single bag per player and your control is to set its width, and height, in slots. Currently your bag can not have more than 128 slots, though you can organize that into whatever shape (rows versus columns) that you like.

Each slot of the bag can hold only one type of trophy, though it might hold many of the same kind of trophy. For example, a slot might hold 10 wolf ears, but not both a wolf ear and a pig ear. You would need a second slot to hold your pig ears.

The number of a given trophy which fits in one slot is called a 'stack' and you can set the stack size for each trophy, using your world's trophies.txt file.

Trophy bag slots can be dragged and shift-dragged around to re-organize the bag contents. Right-clicking on a slot provides a menu relevant to the contents of that slot.

What are Trophies Good For?

Generally you can use them as a means to make money (sell full stacks), as quest and MISSION goals ("come back when you have 25 gargoyle pebbles"), Ammunition for item weapons, and even as components of some mini game (turn the bag into a chess board or something).

Player Killer Trophies

I am in the middle of changing this, but my plan is to add a command to the LEVELS table to let you specify class-and-level specific trophies "Scavenger Ear", "Beggar Heart" which are then handed out as a result of PKer activites. Possibly even some to be 'haunted' trophies (trophies you have to PAY to get RID OF)

Ammunition Trophies

The ITEMS table now supports an optional 'trophyNeeded' and 'trophyMade' argument for weapon and spell items.

If there is a trophyNeeded on a weapon or spell, then you cannot use that weapon or spell unless you have that trophy (and one is removed from your bag for each use.)

If there is a trophyMade on a weapon or spell, then that trophy will appear in your bag after using that weapon or spell (which again, could be a good trophy or a bad trophy).

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