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Synthetic Reality

Missions are simple form of Quest. One where the player is challenged to collect one or more trophies, in return for a reward. They are easier to set up than full Quests, since you pretty much only have to add a few lines to one file (your world's mission.ini file) and then add one script command (MISSIONS) to offer the missions to the player.

Once a player accepts a mission, they can track its progress via the Book of Missions. They can abandon a mission if they lose interest in it, and ultimately they can collect a reward when they complete it.

For a complete description of the mission parameters, please see the evergreen "missions.ini" file. In fact, it is the source of authority, since missions are new to version A91 and might actually change a bit over the next few releases.

However, the mission description includes:

  • A unique mission ID number (aka "Job#")
  • A Friendly Name for the mission
  • A longer description of the mission
  • The entrance qualifications ("Only level 10 scavengers with token 3 but not token 23")
  • A list of Trophies which define what the mission must accomplish
  • Objects which are given/taken when you accept the mission (items, spells, gold, tokens, etc.)
  • Objects which are given/taken when you abandon the mission.
  • Objects which are given/taken when you complete the mission.
  • Messages which are printed when you accept/abandon/complete the mission
  • Specific rewards of gold, tokens, experience, PP when you complete the mission.
Setting up a mission consists of these steps:
  • Define the mission in your world's mission.ini file, be sure to give each mission a unique Job number (technically you could define up to 4 billion missions, but files would run out of room before you got that far)
  • Make a SCENE somewhere that has an NPC who offers the missions via the script MISSIONS command. (This command can offer a list of job numbers, but the player will only see those for which they meet the entrance qualifications -- and have not already done.)
  • Create the TROPHIES you need to complete the mission (in your world's trophies.txt file) and make sure they are available (dropped by monster, given by NPC, etc.)
Experience Rewards:

Missions are so far the only part of the game engine which allows you to hand out experience points directly to the player. I am still feeling cautious about exposing that behaviour but hey, you really want to be able to do it. So here you go.

The way it works is you specify, basically, the Level which you would like the player to be at, as their reward for completing the mission. So, you might set the reward like this:


Meaning it should reward them by making them level 4.5

What I actually do is compute the amount of XP required to take a brand new player to level 4.5 and then give them that many experience points. So if they are actually level 2 already, it might take them to level 5.9 or something (probably not 6.5 since the XP for levels is nonlinear). But if they are level 88, it probably won't level them up much at all.

I also impose a maximum cap on the amount of XP this can give, so you can't level someone to 99.9 in a single mission. Sorry.

Mission Events:

OK, these only work, like all 'events' if you are in a scene, are the host of the scene, and the scene is currently ENDed. They bring the scene back to life at the @label matching the event description.

You can then ask for cookie "event.missionId" to find out which mission is being talked about.

@eventMissionAccepted - they pushed the accept button
@eventMissionAbandoned - they pushed the abandon button
@eventMissionRewarded - they collected their mission reward

Remember, they can do the Abandon or Reward anywhere they like, so don't depend on seeing these events inside of any particular scene (or even at all, since they can do these actions outside of scenes). These events are just for happy friendly NPC acknowledgements, and maybe some 'extra value' for those players who DO go all the way back to the scene which offered the mission in the first place.

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