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Since this game requests certain permissions when you install it, Google has asked us to write a privacy policy to let you know what we do with any data we collect, and what we are likely to collect. There's not a lot to say. This is just a game and it specifically avoids gathering any real info about you in the first place. It doesn't ask for your real name, nor your email address nor any other personal information.

However, the game DOES generate a lot of game data, and that gets shared between the players in real time. It also remembers things you have created or collected from other players.

The following are the most interesting permissions the game requests, and a brief explanation of why.  


This is a multiplayer game, and your copy is a client which connects to a server, over the internet, to send and receive information to, from, and about other players (generally 8 or fewer at any given time), so as to facilitate game play, chat, and general entertainment.  


Being multiplayer, this game wants your full attention while you are playing, and will prevent your screen from sleeping. This can use battery quickly.  


Basically this just means the game can play over wifi, which is probably what you want, if you have data limits on your cell service. Actual data usage varies with gameplay, but is vastly less than listening to music or watching video.  


The game can store data, and does, for the things you create and/or collect from other players. These collectibles include: Drone SHELLs (vector line art), Pilot FACE icons (8BIT style, 16x16 pixel, limited palette), Musical Instrument PATCHEs (the settings that define how an instrument sounds), Musical GROOVEs (Recorded/Edited performances of those instruments). This data is generally stored in a single SQLite database on the mobile device itself. StarMaps can also store some amount of data, for example to note your progress through a level, so as to be able to resume later where you left off. Note that if you uninstall the game, the collectibles/progress will be lost. It is not backed up on any server, but you might get collectibles back from another player.  


The game allows players to create new StarMaps of their own, via the STARMAP/IMPORT button. This sends you to Google Play Services to log in and pick a TEXT file from your Google Drive (requires Google Drive and Android Play Services apps to also be installed). You can read more about that, here.  


The game includes a feature called the VOCODER which can be optionally turned on, or left off. While on, the game can listen to your microphone and act upon what it hears. One such use is to transcribe music (say, you hum something) into a form you can use to start a new GROOVE recording (which you will probably then have to edit). Eventually, the plan is to support a form of voice chat between players, where the voice is too distorted to be clearly understood, but carries an emotion. When/if that feature becomes available, you would have to watch what you said to other players (I mean, if you had privacy concerns about it)  


The game can now use your device's camera to capture a very low resolution bitmap in the FACE editor. You will definitely need to edit the result. Just tap the camera icon in the upper right of the FACE editor. This opens your camera app to let you preview and take the photo. Only the very center of the image will be used. That will be converted to a 16 by 16 pixel work of art, limited to the standard 64 color palette, so keep your ambitions low...  




So, that's our privacy policy and permission usage. We hope you enjoy the game and play responsibly! 

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