synSpace: Drone Runners -- Coding your own StarMaps

Hi, this is quick and dirty for now, sorry about that. Feel free to suggest improvements :-) The general idea is this page has resources for helping you learn to code starmaps for the game synSpace: Drone Runners (for android)
At present, the only resources are:
NOTE: The example is the starting tutorial and contains plot spoilers. It is also a work in progress. I recently split the api code out to a separate lua library ('lubrary') so your starMap doesn't need to include thousands of lines of boilerplate. I will try to keep this page pointed to the most up to date versions.

YOU WILL NEED: You shouldn't need to spend any money to do this, given you already had Chrome and the mobile device, and yes, I probably charged you a couple bucks for the game itself. Note that Kindle Fire does not come automatically with GDrive access, since that requires a connection to "Google Play Services". I can only wave my hands as to whether YOUR kindle Fire is able to open g-drive files. Mine is not, so I use a Nexus tablet for script importing/testing.

YOUR WORK FLOW: Note that you are on a server while playtesting your work, and other people can drop in and live fetch a copy from you, if they choose to do so. However, no one has access to your Google Drive but you. The game only uses your Google Drive for the act of importing the text file. After that it is all peer to peer file transfer between players.
These 'live fetch copies' I alluded to above are not actually stored by the game and only exist in memory until the game is shut off. To make your test game a permanent published game you have to CLONE it (button on the map chooser panel). Thereafter it will appear 'forever' in your map chooser, and that of anyone else who plays it (they getting their copies peer to peer, but ultimately from your source copy). And 'forever' ends when you push the DELETE button :-)

WHY SHOULD YOU DO THIS AND OTHER RANDOM STATEMENTS I know budding programmers and authors have a zillion free coding opportunities available to them today, so just add this one to the list. I think it occupies its own niche somewhere :-) And you will definitely need access to other educational sources anyway, such as the site. But while the starmap script is entirely lua based, you don't HAVE to do anything all that complicated if you don't want to. And, a starmap can have no lua at all, and still be fun. You just need lua if you want NPCs that can interact with the player.