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  How to Play  
  Antsy is a very simple game. Each player controls the queen of their own ant colony. The colony has a food ball and some ants. You command your queen to make more ants. Your ants then do their thing, trying to get more food.

The first player to run out of food and ants, loses.

Your responsibility is just to create ants. The ants themselves do all the work, based on their own little ideas in their tiny little brains.

Creating ants costs food (from your food ball). A Worker ant costs one morsel, and an Army ant costs two morsels. Army ants are better at fighting, but worker ants are faster at gathering.

Food is obtained by collecting the remains of any ants that get killed, or by stealing morsels from the opponent's food ball.

Opposing ants will generally fight each other when they get close enough.

Note: worker ants will also fight (poorly), and army ants will also gather (slowly).

Your queen will 'dim out' a little when she is unable to make more ants (out of food)

It's easy! Or IS it?

  Modes of Play

The main menu screen gives you a choice of playing in SOLO or DUET mode.

  • SOLO mode pits you against the computer. The game starts as soon as you pick your queen (red or blue) by creating your first ant.
  • DUET mode allows two people to play against each other, sharing the same phone. A pleasant little diversion at the restaurant, for example.

My hope is that you will play it in DUET mode as much as possible :-) It's a bonding experience! Just be careful not to knock the phone off the table! (no warranty expressed or implied!)

  Creating New Ants

As the incredible in-game help system makes very clear, it is extremely easy to make new ants. Just tap the body of your queen

  • A tap to the HEAD area creates an Army ant (and consumes two morsels from the food ball)
  • A tap to the TUMMY area creates a Worker ant (and consumes one morsel from the food ball)

Once created, an ant does its own thing and you have no direct control over it. Tapping individual ants does nothing.

Just keep your eye on your food ball and try to decide when it is better to hold on to your food and when it might be a good idea to have another ant or two out there.

  Release Notes

The specific changes for each release are documented here. Or at least they WILL be :-)

  Release 3

The big news in this release is 'unlimited ants'. That is to say, there is no longer an arbitrary limit imposed. If you have the food, you can make the ant.


  • Splash startup screen is REALLY less blurry this time, honest!
  • SOLO game starts with some text to explain how to pick your color
  • More attempts to be humorous in the game-over text

For the next release, I hope to add 'options' (other ways to play, for example). Maybe some radioactive food that leads to mutant ants... exploding flowers... zombie ants... things like that.

  Release 2

This release increases the differences between the two ant types. Most importantly, worker ants no longer attack every ant they meet. A worker now will only initiate the attack if the opponent is carrying food. An army ant will still attack anything it gets close to.


  • * higher resolution for splash screen
  • * stolen food morsels are rendered in yellow, to distinguish from scavenged ants
  • * size difference between army and worker ants is greater
  • * Statistics are shown at the end of the game for:
    Total Worker Ants created (by each queen)
    Total Army Ants
    Total Kills
    Total Deaths
    Total Scavenged Ants
    Total Stolen food morsels
  • * Worker ants will no longer initiate attack, unless opponent is carrying food.
  • * More GAME OVER descriptions
  Release 1

This is the first release of Antsy, so no actual notes yet! As usual, I solicit all feedback and hope to eternally ameliorate!